Bricks '2000

Bricks '2000

Bricks '2000 1.1a is a game where you must position different shaped blocks
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Bricks '2000 1.1a is a Tetris-like game, in which you must position different shaped blocks.
In this game, you will need to accommodate colored pieces that will fall from the top of the board. You will move that pieces to make them form complete lines, that will disappear from the board when completed, giving you more space to place the falling pieces.

The pieces will have different shapes, so you will need to rotate them to make them fit in the empty spaces. You can do this by using the UP cursor key. You can move the pieces to the right with the RIGHT cursor key, and to the left with the LEFT cursor key.

To accelerate the placement of a falling piece, you can use the DOWN cursor key, the piece will fall to the first available line.

The game will show you the upcoming piece on the right of the board. As you play, the pieces will fall faster. You will be warned with a sound each time the game speeds up.

You can customize the game through the Options menu. There, you can choose if you want to preview the pieces, the difficulty, size of the blocks and more.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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